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Employee Spotlight

Corey Adam

Bus Driver

Employee Spotlight

Mike Johnson

Lead Mechanic

Employee Spotlight

Larry Wilberding

School Bus Driver

Employee Spotlight

Alex McChriston

Training Specialist

Alex joined Dean Transportation as a School Bus Driver in 2004 and was promoted to be a CDL Trainer in 2013.

"To me a Dean Transportation employee is more than just an office worker, school bus driver, attendant, or mechanic; we’re people who care about the safety and security of our most important customer, our students. Even though what we do on a day to day basis may not make anyone’s top ten lists of most important jobs, the enormous responsibility we face everyday sets us apart from most companies. I believe we perform our tasks to the best of our ability and it reflects in a very positive way our dedication, work ethic, and training.

I enjoy working for Dean Transportation because I care about our students, and to that extent I believe we all share a common bond, even though we come from different backgrounds and work experiences. I sincerely believe in being a positive person and I like sharing that attitude with the colleagues I work with, and most importantly to the students I serve. I appreciate the opportunity to represent the company as a trainer, and in this new experience I want to continue to learn from everyone around me and strive to be positive, hard working, and safe. I hope we all remain committed to Safety, which is the foundation to everything else we do and to be among the best in school bus transportation. Be Safe, Drive Safe!"

— Alex

Employee Spotlight

Beth Reaume

Regional Operations Manager

Employee Spotlight

Willard Dean

Mechanic Assistant