Green Commitment

Performance matters and quality of service is our number one goal. Quality encompasses every touch point in our business and total dedication to all aspects is critical. We are not content to follow the status quo, but are always striving to set and sustain the best industry standards possible.

Leading in Green Technology!

Dean has made a significant commitment to eco-friendly technology. Below we have highlighted a few of the ways we are using technology to improve the environment.

Hybrid Vehicles

In 2010, Dean purchased four hybrid electric school buses. These vehicles are the first of their kind to operate in the State of Michigan. All four vehicles meet EPA 2010 engine standards and operate in Grand Rapids, Lansing and Traverse City.

Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

In 2009, Dean began installation of 286 diesel oxidation catalysts. These systems helped reduce emissions from pre-2004 diesel engines by approximately 20-40%.

Fuel Operated Heaters

Dean has retrofitted approximately 10% of its fleet with fuel operated heaters (FOH) to reduce idle time and conserve fuel. This is in addition to the nearly 25% of Dean's fleet currently equipped with some form of FOH.

Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Dean has retrofitted nearly 50 school buses with closed crankcase ventilation systems. Closed crankcase ventilation systems reduce emissions from the crankcase by nearly 40%.

Global Positioning Systems

All Dean vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). GPS technology allows Dean staff members to closely monitor fuel usage and idle time. This helps reduce fuel consumption and has resulted in improved fuel efficiency.

Green Initiatives

Dean Transportation, in partnership with its employees, is constantly looking for ways to improve its eco-friendly practices. Dean has implemented a 5-year “Go Green” plan to enhance the company's green practices. Some of our green practices include the following:

  • In 2009, Dean Transportation partnered with the Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities Coalition and was awarded a $1.07 million grant from the EPA to retrofit 405 school buses with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts. With this retrofit, Dean Transportation is one of the largest private school bus companies in the country to have this technology.
  • Dean's hybrid buses have achieved a 15-20% improvement in fuel efficiency over diesel buses, averaging 7.9-10.1 miles per gallon (mpg) over conventional diesel buses that average 6.4 mpg in urban areas.
  • A campaign to educate its drivers on ways they can be eco-friendly. This includes reducing idle time and speed as well as avoiding fast acceleration.
  • Dean recently invested in GPS technology to monitor and reduce idle time on all company vehicles and is providing incentives for operations and drivers that reduce their idle time.
  • Dean recently remodeled two of its offices and incorporated energy efficient lighting and motion sensors, as well as energy efficient heating and cooling in its design.
  • Dean started a volunteer group called the Dean Transportation Environmental Leadership Council (DTELC). This group is comprised of drivers, attendants, mechanics, office staff and administrators. The group meets quarterly to discuss ways Dean Transportation can reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Dean is investigating wind and solar power as well as continuing to partner with local universities and manufacturers to “green” school transportation.
  • Dean is recycling used oil and is running a company-wide recycling program for paper, cell phones, cardboard and other recyclable materials.
  • Dean is using bio-fuel at some of its operations throughout the state.
  • Dean is working on plans to install green roofs on its offices.

Dean Transportation and its employees have the ultimate goal of extending “green” education from the classroom, onto the school bus and into the homes of families. It is the company's mission to partner with organizations and vendors in an effort to reduce harmful emissions produced by school buses.